Cycles and Seasons
Cycles Game
Game time The game is turn-based. The player can make a limited number of moves per cycle. The cycle usually lasts more than 150 days. When any player wins a game ("International Gaming Tournament"), a new era begins for all players.
What happens when new eras arrive?
Levels and achievements are reset, game credits remain on the account.This makes each new era unpredictable and stimulates the strategic accumulation of credits and bsc auto traders.
Most of the treasury is paid to the winners and participants and a solid part to the winner of the world tournament
How long is an era? As long as it takes any player to win the game of the current era. It could be weeks of a month or a year, the current era is indicated on the site and will not reset your passive credits in any way However, after the drawing, additional rewards will have to be received again in order to increase income. Nft remain the same with you after the end of the season
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